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Let us show you the vibrant colours and yummy taste of our Colombian inspired cuisine.
The only risk is wanting to eat some more.

Leños & Carbón Restaurant opened in london on the 13th of Nomember 2009, with the great purpose of showcasing Latin-American food, specially Colombian gastronomy.


Our visitors will find a friendly and welcoming place to share good times among friends and family; a place to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, and many more. Here you will find the perfect environment to unite the Latin community with the rest of the world; understanding the excellent results it brigs like our heritage.


Our cuisine reflects our exquisite mingle of cultures. We have reflected this in the dishes we offer, food it at the heart of our culture and we endeavour to represent the pride of the variety and quality of our cuisine and heritage.


Our doors are open to all those who have decided to accept (and are comminted no to lose!) their roots, but would like to take the risk to explore new flavours.

patacon con todo
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